„Peace, Love and SHAKE YOUR ASS!“ is the Sir Veja‘s [ lautschrift ] hell boys motto.

Since 1995 the guys have been pumping their MonsterGaloppingSkaCore into their listeners` souls and slippers. The mixture of Ska and powerful Melodic Punkrock puts everyone into a good mood and guarantees a dancing and sweating mob.

Inspired by bands like NOFX, Sublime, Operation Ivy, Millencolin, The Offspring etc. the founding members Andreas, Florian and Jupp decided to finally introduce really good Skapunk to Lower Bavaria, which was rare in the Bavarian Forest in the early nineties. In the following years Sir Veja performed countless gigs in clubs and festivals, frequently as headliner, but also supporting bands like Seed, Bambix, Rantanplan, Jaya The Cat, Tagtraum, Mad Sin or Normahl and many more.

Sir Veja is home to six suspects: Andreas Albrecht (vocals, guitar), Florian Saller (guitar, back. vocals), Markus Balhuber (bass, back. vocals), Jupp Philipp (drums), Robert Duschner (sax) and Adrian Paul (trumpet). Sir Veja is 11.46 meters tall and 4.21 meters wide and therefore one of the biggest punkbands in Central Europe.

1999 „Actually it‘s no punkrock anymore, but the chicks fuckin‘ love us....SO WHAT?!“
2003 „Rent A Soul“
2018 „superyeah“
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