It was in 1995, the spring dropped its face to give way to the approaching summer, when four teenager decided to create a formation called "Sir Veja" near the climes of Deggendorf. The four boys were Andreas Albrecht (guitar, vocals), Florian Saller (guitar, vocals), Mathias Schmucker (bass) and Jupp Philipp (drums). Influenced by a variety of american bands the sound should evolve into a style dominated by surfpunk, wheras there have never been any reasons to claim "Sir Veja" would copy. After the rumour was spreaded like a wildfire that there is loud punk music even in the bavarian forrest, it was inevitable to record the first selfproduced CD called "Nose 'Em All", which arose in 1996 in the band's excercise rooms and was published without support of any record label. In 1998 the bass man Mathias Schmucker war replaced by Ulli "Uhl" Süß, who simultaneously took over the part of the second main singer, the third songwriter and fourth band member. The new guy introduced a lot of new ideas and motivations which affected the impressions of the band's sound enormously. By and by there were more and more influences involved in Sir Veja's setlist, so Ska and Reggae parts expanded increasingly. The unavoidable conclusion was to produce a new album recorded in a studio. That way the CD "Actually It's No Punkrock Anymore...But The Chicks Fuckin' Love Us...SO WHAT?!" was created, distributed by the german record labels "Vitaminepillen Records" and "Cargo Records". Many contributions on compilations and live performances in whole Germany and Austria followed. The CD was selled worldwide,  in Countries like Great Britain or USA it even occupied first places in the internet charts. After steadily growing song material, which has considerably increased maturity since the last recordings, it was in 2001 when the preparations for a new album began. Supported by saxophone, trombone, trumpet and organ the recordings were started in February 2002 and resulted in the latest release called "rent a soul".

As time passed by every band member gained own interests beside making music and the Rock'n'Roll lifestyle couldn't be continued. Therefore Sir Veja retired from playing live shows in 2004 by performing two gigs in Munich and Dingolfing (Germany).

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