Good Guy Rising

My mind is turning around
Look at me I´m acting like a clown
Could it be that i am just neurotic paranoid
What did I do what did I say
I always tried to be o.k.
To get along with everyone
Tried to be right but I was wrong
So many people i have hurt
Tell me am i such a bad boy
I wanna know
Is there a possibility for me
To wake up from this dream
You better send me out of space
You better show me what´s all about
I beg you please release me
I died tonight andI saw where the good guys go
NowI´m sad soul´s made of lead my head´s about to explode
So selfishI perish patience is alien to me
I´m not here to stay
Another dimension is calling me

I wanna be a good man
I wanna spread love and peace and harmony
But it seems that I am to weak so far
Let me take a little look inside
I wanna do the right
My tongue is burning like fire in my mouth
`cause of all the bad thingsI said
And all the lies thatI fed you with
Oh let me know what to do
I´m down at the ground so please pick me up
I´ll try not to be so pertI promise you
I´ll try not to fudge i´ll try not to judge
Believe me my intentions are good
But stillI´m no holy man
ThoughI got the tools in my hand
AlreadyI´m on my way

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