I can´t see your stupid smile anymore
Your appearence makes my mind so fuckin´ sore
I hate you but hate is not enough
You will know me yet , I will get tough

You speak to me and my ears start to bleed
I beat you up and a nurse is all you need

All what you do
All what you say
Is like a clowns disability
You cry for Mam
I start to laugh
It made me scarce
I´ll see you in hell

You are so friendly like a ripper
Who lost his fuckin´ knife
It makes me angry
Like a feather in the wind

Creep on my dirty floor and lick my shoes
Your girlfriend sucks my dick while you lick
Get out of my way or my way get out of yours
Leave me alone or I´ll achieve it by brute force

Hey Children don´t chop your enemy at home
Go to grandma and take the living room

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