Is This Possible ?

I see you out on the street in your car
It´s so powerful tuned up with love
"Ridiculous" is the word that pops into my mind
And you sit there so cool and so bad
Oh man you´re going for risk you´re going for speed
`cause it makes you feel like a hero
And tomorow your wheel´s gonna burst that head
But man at least you had fun

I see that mother who beats her child
`cause it does not stop crying
She screams and shouts and still the child cries
So she beats it again and again and again
She wonders why does that stupid child not understand
That it´s forbidden to cry loud in public
Oh woman you´re not worth to call yourself mother

And I wonder how stupid can one be
How much emty space does one need between the ears
To be like you so exfuckintremely dumb

"Is this possible" I asked myself
"Yes, this is possible" I answer to myself
But I can´t believe it

I see my friends falling around at that party
They´re completely drunk and stoned
They behave like they were a bunch of fucked up clowns
I`m ashamed that I know them and I think I should leave
Oh fuck who`s that it´s meI´m naked
Weird look in the eye a stupid smile upon my face
I´m loaded as hell check around like a devil
Please let me die let me die let me die

I see myself up here on the stage
And I wonder how the hell did I get here
Is somebody playing some trick on me
As everybody will agree I don´t belong here
I cannot sing I cannot play this guitar
I´m a typical example of an anti-star
Like kindergarden-rock sounds most every song
But still I´m standing here so what went wrong

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