Out comes The Sun

The land`s so grey
Like all the last days
You`re sending mayday
And hope that maybe
Someone out there heres your crying
Someone out there helps you drying
The sea of misery you
Fear to be drowned in
Depression and devilish thoughts
Have built up high like a mountain
And you
Are so scared to lose
But don`t give up
`cause you know very well after rain comes sun
It`s a law of live
So smile and be sure and trust and see

Rain stops clouds disappear
Out comes the sun
Night drops darkness hides away
Out comes fun
Superhero everythings gonna work out fine
Pain stops doubts disappear
Out comes the sun

So many evil things happend to you my friend
You feel like breaking down
Miserable you feel and so miserable you act
Black is your mind wreck is your shine
Bad vibrations rise
But suffering can´t last forever
Stop complaining make yourself ready
`cause changes will come don´t fear it
Truth is quite near can you hear it
Don´t be scared fearless fighter
Love is shining brighter and brighter
My friend and so are you
We get up
Just get rid of your fear you don´t need it any longer
No more

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