Mr. Superior

Since the day he was born into this world he was so very extraordinary he's never been crying he's never been moaning and he never felt scary what ever he wants be sure he gets it not one tiny little wish remains unfullfilled he's unbelievable intelligent and he looks 10.000 times better than you he's the mister superior he's a mega superstar there's not one single lady who would not get weak by the look in his eye no one never ever can kick him off of his cloud he's never making any mistake he never had to work hard to be the real champion the perfect lover the hyper multi mega giga gentleman no wonder that he loves his life it's a funny game for him and experience shows us he will always win it's quite natural that you get jealous but that won't bother him you better accept it as it is he will be always the one who wins SAUJUPP

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