Everywhere I look around there´s pollution there is fighting is fear there´s corruption crying pain tell me what I´ve got to do to get rid of the gimmes who got the power oh no I don´t wanna get down by them please Jahjah send me an army of fearless men to make tha greedy fat men run mother nature is about to die and we pour oil into the fire how highly intelligent smells like suicide Jahjah never wanted it in this way (?) do you call yourself a good man I don´t call myself a good man we´re so ignorant men oh you´re so stupid men I´m so stupid man we´re so stupid men so mindboggling narrow minded idiots so careless foolish apes so horrible lunatix gimme an INDIARUBBA to rubbat all the misery outta ya brain make up ya mind about tha jabba and shut up and don´t go insane OM MANI PADME HUM kill tha devil inside of you try not to get a lot of more new sankaras fight tha maya

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