Alien Babe

Woke up this morning I felt so bad could have thrown up into my bed my head was so fat I knew at once what happened so don´t tell me ´cause it´s always the same way if you´ve got an alien in your belly I didn´t want to bum around here anyway with all those bloody fucks around who kick my ass there´s no way to give birth to my babe on earth so there´s one more reason for me to move to mars I will save all my money ´cause it´s no cheap flight no we won´t go by car no we won´t go by bike we´ll be flying really comfortable we will fly first class with a mega mega service and a mega stewardess we wanna go to mars my Alien Babe and me where we´ll be surfin´ on our spaceboards drinkin´ space beer my Alien Babe and me we´ll be as happy as can be we´ll be havin´ spacy fun from monday to sunday

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