Liberation Numba

I´m standing here again thinking `bout what to do now confusion is getting grip on me like it did before so many times I don´t know what is wrong and what is right I´m just a stupid boy got a lot to learn what am I supposed to do feels like I´d have to leave it all behind with no return I wanna wake up now I´m fed up with that terrible dream I wanna get up run into the light Is it really possible to get rid of that evil taste What can I do to banish it to make it leave without a trace I need to be strong to find my way back home to where I belong I know where I´ll go it´s gonna be so great I know I no more fear the note `round my toe there´s no more reason why I should do so I beg you liberate me it´s gonna be so great I don´t know what is good and what is bad I´m just a helpless worm poor naked blind selfcompassion is my second christian name stop your jabberin´ I cry for revelation

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